Intitute of Educational technology on Faculty of Education in Nitra has arisen as individual workstation in 1992 and its activity is oriented for filling pedagogical, scientific and researching tasks in the area of technologies in education. Historically the workstation established on activities of previous section of didactical technology, which in previous period existed at university as a part of Physics department, that is why scientific and researching activity of personnel of Institute of Educational technology is spooling from primal workstation’s function, which was preparation provision of teaching divisions students on the work with didactic technique within the frame of their future professional activity.
The workstation takes part on forming and developing didactic –technological abilities and skills of prospective teachers. By reason that new informatics and communication technologies forming a new educational reality in society, requirements are changing into didactic-technological competences of teachers and nevertheless to ensure of further specialize service for schools. Complex changes of education environment of informatics society are reflecting on all dimensions  of pedagogic-educational process: in production of aims and content of education, to the strategies of educational process, to system and functional organization of educational environment, to activity of participants of educational processes, whereby between participants of this processes have been computed control elements.
New technologies are exploited within the frame of electronic education (e-learning) and distance form of education. These facts reflect as well as pedagogic as scientific and researching activity of workstation. Accordance with preceded by trend IET is trying expand an offer of educational programs which are provided by IET and to knot give out of researching activity diversifying in to direction of further areas.


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